Bubble & Games Package

Bubble & Games Package

Bubble & Games Package

Kids aged 6 to 12!

If you’re looking for something a bit different for your kids party, then our bubble & games package is a great option. Packed with heaps of bubble fun, as well as plenty of lively activities such as games, dancing, parachute games and more!

From teeny tiny catchable bubbles that kids love catching on their fingers without popping, to gigantic bubbles the same size as the kids – there’s heaps of fun bubble fun!!!! The party also includes our amazing bubble and snow machines that kids go crazy over! (Don’t sweat it – the snow disappears by itself shortly after, so there’s no clear up needed at the party!)

Bubbles are only part of the fun though, as we pack heaps of fantastic froggle games and dancing into the party too – complete with rocket balloons that get fired into the air for kids to try and catch before they land!

There’s parachute games that are always a hit (like ‘sharks’ and ‘bubble dome’ – where we blow bubbles inside the parachute dome as the kids are inside).

There’s other fun games and dancing like limbo and conga.

One of the favourite aspects of this party though is our bubble tower, where the kids get to stand in a huge bubble!! – Check it out on the promo video.

As with all our kids party packages, they can be fully customized so if you want to alter the package in some way thats not a problem!

Give us a call to book on 646 480 0570 or message us at inquiry@frogglepartytime.com

Party Includes:

  • Entertainer dressed in froggle costume or red froggle uniform (your choice)
  • Mini catchable bubbles & Gigantic Bubbles
  • Games, Music & dancing favorites like conga and limbo
  • Bubble and Snow machines
  • Awesome parachute games like ‘sharks’ and ‘bubble dome’
  • Awesome Bubble tower
  • Rocket Balloons
  • Balloon twisting
  • (For birthdays) Special balloon models for your child
  • Every kid gets a prize
  • Free party invites - downloadable from our website
  • Option to add magic and/ or puppet show at no extra cost!

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Recomended Party Structure

Do remember we can customize the structure to suit your requirements.
  • 1 hour parties

    60 minutes kids party entertainment straight through

  • 1.5 Hour Parties

    60 minutes straight through, then 30 minutes of balloon twisting whilst kids have party food and cake.

  • 2 Hour Parties

    45 minutes entertainment, 30 minute break for kids to have party food & cake. (meanwhile Froggle does balloon twisting for all the children). Then another 45 minutes entertainment.

  • We had a family party with children of all ages. Jasmine kept the kids laughing and entertained for the duration of time that she was there. Highly recommend!

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