Games / Dancing Parties

Games / Dancing Parties

Games & Dancing

5 yrs +

Looking for a fun and interactive party to keep your lively ones entertained? We have the perfect kids party that is just the thing.

Froggle’s incredible games and dancing party is filled with enchanting and creative games that are hugely entertaining, and guaranteed to really get your kids going!

Our varied range of games are both high energy and hilarious as we play firm Froggle favorites like ‘Banana Split’ with jumbo sized bananas, ‘Human Mummies’ where the kids turn themselves into Egyptian mummies, ‘Gobble Goblin’ a hilarious racing game with multi-colored balls.


Filled with team games, races, heaps of dancing, limbo and conga, rocket balloons, bubbles, balloon twisting and prizes for the kids, this party really packs it all in.


If this is for a kids birthday party then your child is made the star of the show and even gets to fire our super air powered rocket launcher! They also get loads of special balloon sculptures to take home.

This children’s party works best when there’s a good amount of space for kids to run around, so a hired venue is a must.

Due to the types of games we play we recommend this party for 5 year olds or older. If you kids are younger and you want children’s party entertainment that has plenty of games and dancing then we recommend our entertainer or platinum package.

We secure all bookings on the phone, so to book simply give us a call. Or fill out our contact form to make an inquiry and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Party Includes

(1, 1.5 or 2 hrs):
  • Entertainer dressed in bright red Froggle polo shirt
  • Loads of interactive games
  • Heaps of dancing
  • Amazing balloon twisting for every child (1.5 or 2 hrs)
  • Special balloon sculptures for the birthday child
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Bubble blowing (with wand)
  • Catchable bubbles
  • Rocket balloons
  • Every kid gets a prize
  • Free downloadable party invites & more!

Don’t forget every party can be made bespoke. Tell us what you want and we’re happy to help. Information on our rates can be found here.

Recommended Party Structures

These are only suggested formats and we can tailor the party to suit your needs.
  • 60 minutes

    60 minutes kids party entertainment straight through

  • 90 minutes

    60 minutes straight through, then 30 minutes of balloon twisting whilst kids have food & cake

  • 2 Hours

    45 minutes entertainment, 30 minute break for kids to have food & cake (meanwhile Froggle does balloon twisting for all the children). Then another 45 minutes entertainment.

  • Isabella absolutely loved it and was laughing the whole time. Our daughter can get quite shy with people she doesn’t know and I was worried that would happen but she was so confident and right at the front taking part.  Froggle kept the children engaged for the whole party! Amazing! He really is great with children and we will definitely be contacting you again.

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